2015 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona by Jeremy Stoutamyer

This years race was another great time and was my first event to cover now that I am working with Lowered Lifestyle. Which is an online publication showcasing the automotive lifestyle that is everything from Euro to JDM to Domestic cars, trucks, and bikes, especially if its low. The site has been branching out to feature more Motorsports which is what I enjoy the most in life. So instead of repeating everything that we have put together I will instead link to the article that we released.

Click to see the article

Click to see the article

For the Full Flickr Album from all the photographers click the image.

For the Full Flickr Album from all the photographers click the image.

My first shoot for RIDES by Jeremy Stoutamyer

In October of 2014 I got my first opportunity to shoot for a magazine. I joined a group on Facebook earlier in the year called "Automotive Photographers" which has photographers from all over the world who share their work and critique others to help improve and spread everyone's work. I thought this is a great way to see what is going on in the field. There are many great photographers in the group who not only have great work but also spend time helping others. One of them is Andrew Link who is the photo director for RIDES magazine. I saw he posted a question asking if there are any photographers near Tallahassee who would be able to shoot a car for an article in an upcoming issue. I commented and said I am a 3 hour trip away but I would be able to do it. The shoot was just a few shots of the first car to ride on 34" Starr wheels

The cover of the issue

The cover of the issue

Originally I was going to be able to travel and shoot one day and then come home and edit them the next day to then send to Andrew. However since the car was not supposed to be finished until SEMA a month later so the plan changed to travel, shoot, and edit all in one day since the car still needed more work. I was up for the challenge though. So I was told the car should be ready around 2pm so I left 2 hours early to get there with plenty of time to look around for a location and to hopefully have more time to edit. When I got to Tallahassee the weather was terrible so I stared looking for a covered location. I decided to go to the shop, Car Show Customs, to check on the cars progress and found out the car wouldn't be read for a few more hours. It was around 6pm when the car was ready and the rain let up so I was able to shoot the car outside at a close location which helped save time. Right after I finished the shoot a bit before 7pm and I headed to edit the photos and get dinner. I finished editing the photos around 10pm and sent them out. I then started my trip home and got home around 1am. It was a long day but a great experience all thanks to Andrew Link!

Cruisin' to the Creek 2014 by Jeremy Stoutamyer

The First Coast Car Council held their 28th annual car show at a new venue this year. In past years it was held downtown in Jacksonville at the Landing and was called "Rolling on the River". This year the show was held at the Trout Creek Fish Camp in St. Augustine and so the name was changed to "Cruisin' to the Creek". The venue was great with plenty of shade and a much more relaxed atmosphere than downtown. The day was hot but the rain stayed away and over 400 vehicles and 6000 people came to the show with more than 50 vendors there. All of the shows have been for charity, specifically the Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville. In fact when all was said and done over $18,000 was raised. 

Ladies from the Ronald McDonald House participating in the Tow Drag.

Ladies from the Ronald McDonald House participating in the Tow Drag.

This wasn't just a car show though, it was a family fair. There was a slow drag race, whoever took the longest to go the distance. There was also the tow drags where teams of six people would compete to see who could pull the tow truck across the line the fastest. There was also plenty of food and fun for the kinds and adults including boat rides from Freedom Boat Club. 

This was the first event that I was requested to photograph and took a photo of almost every car that rolled in (there was a communication error with one of the traffic directors and some snuck in) and printed photos on site. This was the first time I have tried doing this and while I was so busy I didn't get to see all of the show it was a great opportunity and learning experience for not only me but the event coordinators to improve the show for next year. 

For the full set of photos check out the album on my Facebook page.

A crowd gathers for the awards announcements.

A crowd gathers for the awards announcements.

Here are the award winners.
Best In show

• Antique – 194 – 1934 Ford Coupe –Earl Wagner
• Classic – 409 – 1966 Dodge Charger – Kendall Carson
• Modern – 459 – 2011 Chevy Camaro – James Russo
• Foreign – 251 – 1973 MGB – Neil Nelson
• Trucks/other – 229 – 1953 Dodge M37 – Mark Ellis
Top 40 (Random Order)
• 202 – 2011 Dodge Challenger – Robert Atkinson
• 381 – 1955 Chevy Belair
• 243 – 1968 Camaro – Chris Lang
• 214 – 1951 Chevy Pick Up – Wayne Lincoln
• 247 - 2010 Roush 427R – Mike McEvoy
• 171 – 1954 Ford F-100 Pick Up – Ricky Hestiken
• 310 - 1930 Ford Pick Up – Dale Schwartz
• 240 – 1942 Ford GPW – Stan Kinmonth
• 195 – 1966 VW bug – Alfred Taylor
• 137 – 1965 Chevrolet Pick Up – Kameron Witt
• 403 – 1966 Corvette Sting Ray – Larry Johnson
• 402 – 1934 Chevy – Steve Eden field
• 258 – 1937 Ford Tudor – Bob Stanton
• 317 – 2000 Ford Mustang – Terri Norero
• 430 – 2014 Dodge Challenger – Paige Lilley
• 215 – 1964 Camaro SS – Tommy Marcy
• 218 – 1966 Ford Ranchero – Bug Shell
• 293 – 1996 Ford Bronco – Jason Lawler
• 434 – 1953 Ford F-100 Alan Batsow
• 454- 1966 Chevelle – Jason Birkerstaft
• 429 – 1958 Austin Healey – D. Anderson
• 282 – 1990 Jeep Wrangler Don & Jenni Fisher
• 307 – 1960 Mercedes 190 SL – Alan Winer
• 264 – 1956 Ford F-100 Paul Valera
• 209 – 1979 Dodge LIL Red Truck – Tommy Jubito
• 345 – 1974 VW – Becky Stone
• 365 – 1957 Ford Thunderbird – Jack Cassidy
• 118 – 2013 BMW 2013 – Michael Fargnoli
• 374 – 1958 Chevy Impala – John & Karen Chant
• 389 – 1964 Ford Galaxie – Allen Woods
• 443 – 1952 Chevy Pick Up – Peter Dobrie
• 406 – 2011 Ford Mustang – Ed Sobolewski
• 488 – 1967 Pontiac GTO – Charley Pierro
• 482 – 1995 Ford Mustang – William Curtis
• 207 – 2007 Dodge Ram Truck – Kevin Henry
• 111 – 1971 Chevy Corvette – Dave & Susan Bacher
• 487 – 1956 Ford F-100 – Capt. Tom King
• 265 – 2013 Ford Mustang – Dan Vogel
• 262 – 1984 Chevy Camaro – Dewey Shaid
Choice Awards
• J-Tech – 483 – 2013 Boss Hoss Motorcycle Trike – Mike Fishkin
• Ronald McDonald House – 486 – 1954 Corvette – Bill Soman
• Hooters - 484 – 1955 Sunliner – Jason D.
• Show Chairman’s – 388 – 1933 Ford - James Roberson
• Clay County Cruisers – 352 – 1966 Chevy II – Darryl Everage
• Jacksonville Automotive Muscle – 360 – 1936 Chevy 2 door – Kevin & Jodie Brown
• Times Union Award – 313 – 1956 Crown Victoria – Fred Lasco
• Ring Power – 181 – 1961 Chevrolet Impala – Tim Brown
• President’s – 239 - 1946 Chevy Truck – Jody Knauf
Vystar Awards
• Best 4 cylinder – 342 – 2008 Dodge Caliber – Travis Greenwood 
• Best turbo – 223 – 2004 Subaru WRX – Rick Wilson
• Best stance – 174 – 1970 International Scout – Christopher Ingles
• Best hot hatch – 479 – 2006 Scion TC – Ray Nicks
• Best drift car – 386 – 2009 Nissan GTR – M. Lewis
Hooters/ Jeep Awards
• Best Off Road lights – 410 – 1993 Jeep Wrangler - Tommy Schmidt
• Sky Scraper – 476 – 1999 Jeep – Wayne Dejio
• Biggest wheels – 164 – 2004 Jeep Rubicon – Greg Brantley
• Best Paint – 361 – 2011 Jeep Wrangler – Brandon Drydon
• Least Likely to get stuck – 256 – 2006 Jeep Wrangler – Mike Romines

Round Two of the Formula Drift Series at Road Atlanta 2014 by Jeremy Stoutamyer

Team Falken rig with Justin Pawlak's Mustang and Daijiro Yoshihara's BRZ. 

Round two of the Formula Drift series at Road Atlanta was as awesome as it was last year! This was my second year going and it is officially on my list of races I cannot miss along with the Rolex 24hrs of Daytona. Like last year I camped with friends at Old Federal Campsite not too far from the track. It's a beautiful campsite that extends out into Lake Lanier with fantastic views no matter where you campsite is.

One of the great views from our campsite at Old Federal.

The weather was better than last year with only raining on Fridays practice which made for a very exciting and unusual qualifying session.  The constantly change in track conditions was making it difficult for the drivers to have any consistency and resulted in many off track excursions.

James Evans going off track due to a slippery track.

Saturday is race day and it was looking to be a great day with rain holding off. The top 32 was a great line up with a good mix of veterans and rookies of the sport all mixed together making the main event one that nobody would know who would come out on top. 

Forrest Wang was the #1 Qualifier 

Since there was no rain delays like last year the main event went a lot smother even though there were several competitors who either had car problems or crashed out which shuffled the field around adding to the craziness that is #FDATL. In the end Vaughn Gittin JR. came out on top with Fredric Aasbo in second and Chris Forsberg in third.

The podium after the main event

I am finishing up a more selective album for the site but until that is done and you wanna check out all the action I got during the even including the Offset Kings car show be sure to check out the Flickr Album!

Drift Days at Green Cove Drag Way by Jeremy Stoutamyer

In Jacksonville there hasn't been a drag strip in years. However to the relief of gear heads in Jax a small 1/8th mile drag strip was opened at an old runway in Green Cove Springs. The track has been a great success among the racers and car fans in Northeast Florida. The drag strip wasn't the only thing that Green Cove had to offer. With the demand for more forms of Motorsport and having the space available the track expanded to accommodate a drift circuit and mud pit. Once a month the track sets up and drift and mud day where both drifters and mud boggers can destroy tires and get stuck. Having both events going on at the same time is great as there is action no matter where you are.

The Drag Way's drift days bring people from all over Florida especially now that the Central Florida Racing Complex, CFRC, is closed. There were drivers from Tampa and Orlando who drove up for the event. In fact two of my buddies from Orlando came up for the day and with a 1988 Fox body and a 2003 BMW 325i E46 we all went to kill some tires. 

1988 Ford Mustang Fox Body

1988 Ford Mustang Fox Body

The mustang is my friends dads old SCCA race car that he got running and welded the diff to slide around in for fun. The bimmer belongs to Teddy who has done a lot of work to get it drifting the way he wants including welded diff, stripped interior and a 5 speed manual swap. For more info on Teddy check out his site, http://www.teddysfriend.com/

2003 BMW E46 325i 

2003 BMW E46 325i 

While I focused more on taking photos that day I also did some video work for my two buddies.

The Green Cove Drag Way is looking to add night drag racing and is working on getting an autocross section built. The small 1/8th mile drag strip has grown and is still growing to be a full and diverse Motorsport park. For more information please visit them at, http://greencovedragway.com/

2014 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona by Jeremy Stoutamyer

This years Rolex race was the 52nd running of the series and was my fourth year attending. This was also the first race after the two main road racing series, Grand-Am and ALMS, joined forces to become the Unites Sportscar Racing series presented by Tudor. 

Last year I stayed up for the full 24 hour race and ended up staying awake for 36 hours. 

(My last years Flickr set)

This year I decided to spare my self and take a nap and was able to in our campsite I set up with my buddies just outside the track.

As always the Rolex is the best way to start the racing season each year and it will be interesting to see how the USCR does as the race season moves on. Below is a gallery of images from this years race. (I am still working on more so i will update when more are finished.)

My First time at Road Atlanta by Jeremy Stoutamyer

As a fan of cars and racing I want to go to as many racetracks as possible. I have really liked Road Atlanta from the first time I raced at it in Forza and from watching the variety race series on TV. So after my buddy had been to Road Atlanta for Formula Drift he told me I HAVE to go and knew exactly how to make it a great trip. We ended up camping near the track and spend almost the entire weekend at the track during the 2013 Formula Drift season. I took as much video and photos as my batteries would allow. Below is a video and my album of the Formula Drift, Round 2, at Road Atlanta for 2013.